- Your Body -

Your baby is discovering their own body; talk with them about the names of body parts, and their uses and motions. Let’s go!

Your tongue is in your mouth. Can I see it? Say aaahhh. Oh, your tongue is red! Your tongue helps you to talk.
Your knees are where your leg bends. Head, shoulders, knees, and toes! Let’s point to them together! If you kneel, you are on your knees. Can you bend your knees?
You have teeth in your mouth. My teeth help me to chew up my food. Do you have any teeth yet?
You have one elbow on each arm. One here, and one there! Your arm can bend and move at your elbow. Your elbow is pointy! 
You can hear sounds with your ears. Let’s count how many ears you have! One, two! Where are your ears?
Your hair is on your head. Where is your head? Your head is on the top of your body. Can you shake your head side to side?
Let’s count how many toes we have on each foot! One, two...five! Let’s cover your toes up with your socks. Where are your toes? Are they on your feet?
Let’s count how many fingers we have on each hand. One, two...five. You use your fingers to pick up things. Your fingers are on your hands.
Can you show me your belly button? There it is! Your belly button is in the shape of a circle. Your belly button is in the middle of your tummy.
You sit on your bottom. When you have a dirty diaper, I wipe your bottom. Where is your bottom?
Can you point to your mouth? You can put food in your mouth. You can talk with your mouth. Can you smile with your mouth?Oh, that’s a beautiful smile.
You have _____(brown) colored hair! Is your hair on top of your head? Your hair is ____(curly)! What color is my hair? Who has longer hair?
Where are your legs? How many legs do you have? Who has longer legs, you or me? Can you kick your legs?
You can hug with your arms. Your hands are connected to your arms. Reach your arms up to the sky! As high as you can!
Can you show me where your tummy is? Your food goes into your tummy when you eat. Show me how you can rub your tummy.
Fingernails are the part on the end of your fingers. Fingernails can be long or short, which are yours? Sometimes people paint their fingernails different colors. When fingernails get long they can scratch people, so we have to cut them. When you cut fingernails it doesn't hurt.
Feet are at the bottom on your body, can you touch your feet? At the end of your feet you have toes, try to wiggle them! Are my feet longer or shorter than your feet? We have to be gentle with our feet and be careful not to kick anything.
We have two hands that we use for our sense of touch. What can you find around me to touch with your hands? Are your hands smaller or bigger than mine? Look how you can open and close your hands. Can you clap with your hands?
Your eyes are the part of your body you use to see everything. The inner part of eyes are all different colors, your eyes are ___. Use your eyes to look at my eyes. It's important not to poke eyes because it hurts.
A nose is the part of you body you use to smell. What can you smell with your nose right now? Sniff the air with your nose. Does it smell good or bad? Is your nose bigger or smaller than mine?Point to your nose. Now point to my nose.

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