- Washing Hands -

You will often have to wash your baby’s hands, so talk with your baby about how to get those little hands clean. Let’s go!

Let’s wash our hands! You need to get some soap and water on your hands to wash them. You did a great job washing your hands.
Step up! Step up to the sink! Look at all the bubbles we made in the sink! We wash our hands in the sink!
Do you want to stand on this stool to reach the sink? This stool is very helpful for us to have! Be careful on the stool!
We need to wash our hands! Okay, let’s get your hands wet and put some soap on them. Now, let’s rub your hands together. Stick your hands back under the water to rinse them off. You have clean hands! Let’s dry your hands on the towel.
We need to use soap to wash our hands. Did you get enough soap on your hands? Make sure you rinse all the soap off! Do you see the bubbles from the soap?
How does that water feel? Is it too hot or too cold? Okay, stick your hands under the water.
See the water coming out of the faucet? On, off, on, off! We’re all done with the faucet! Let’s turn it off! Bye, bye water! Turn the handle; here comes the water out of the faucet!
The soft cloth will dry your hands! Can you dry your hands and arms? Your hands are dry now; time for some crackers!
Let’s clean your hands so we can have some yummy crackers. Now your hands are clean! Can you show me your clean hands?
Ohhhhh, the water is wet and warm on your skin. Do you like the wet water on your hands? Wet, wet! Haha, you’re getting mommy wet when you splash!
Mommy is scrubbing your hands with the washcloth. Let’s scrub all that dirt off! Scrub, scrub, scrub, a baby in the tub!

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