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Technological Solutions for Provider and Caregiver Language Nutrition Training

Talk With Me Baby is designed specifically to increase provider and caregiver capacity to deliver language nutrition at the population level. Providers are increasingly embracing technology in both continuing education and practice. Pediatric clinicians are especially receptive to using technology to improve their clinical skill sets and to provide better care to their patients. Nurses are also using technology in various aspects of their professional development.TWMB uses a content management system (CMS) to educate professionals about language nutrition, provide simulations that allow them to practice delivering language nutrition, and evaluate the delivery of language nutrition. CMS refers to any application that facilitates the delivery and management of multimedia content from a central interface.

By using a CMS, TWMB:

  1. Ensures dynamic not static content;
  2. Allows trainings to be tailored to meet the diverse learning needs of providers and caregivers;
  3. Provides a mechanism for sustained two-way interaction between the provider and caregiver population;
  4. Provides a platform for real-time assessment of TWMB implementation and outcomes;
  5. Creates organic user communities among providers and caregivers.

The beta version of TWMB Language Nutrition Platform is illustrated below.


As this diagram illustrates, providers can access the Language Nutrition Platform using a wide range of devices, including smart phones, desktops, laptops, tablets, etc. More importantly the platform is designed to deliver content in both an active (facilitator-directed) and passive (user-directed) format, thereby overcoming limitations commonly associated with in-person didactic and webinar-based outreach approaches. The Language Nutrition Platform is essentially a turnkey solution for proactively engaging provider and caregiver populations in diverse settings.


Nursing Workforce Training Materials

Talk With Me Baby Nurse Training Materials 

Supplementary Materials


Nutritionist Workforce Training Materials

Talk With Me Baby WIC Training Materials


Physician Training Materials

Talk With Me Baby Physician Training Materials

  • TWMB presentation for physicians (coming soon)


Early Educator Training Tools

Talk With Me Baby Early Learning Educator Training Tools

Building the capacity of infant and toddler educators to become conversational partners

The following professional development courses and tools are available to build the capacity of infant and toddler teachers to become conversational partners with the children in their care and to coach families on practicing Language Nutrition with their children:  

Read Right from The Start on Cox Campus

Read Right from the Start on Cox Campus synthesizes the work of the nation’s leading literacy experts and provides free, online access to research-based professional development for teachers of children from birth to eight years of age. This interactive, video-based coursework is focused on practical strategies teachers can use to promote young children’s language and literacy. All coursework is accredited by Bright from the Start, Georgia’s Department of Early Care and Learning. Currently, the Cox Campus offers courses on Infant /Toddler and Preschool/Pre-K Tracks.  An additional K-3rd grade track is planned for 2017. 

The following courses are available on the Infant Toddler Track: 

  • Talk with Me Baby for Infant and Toddlers Teachers – building on the trusting relationships teachers have with families, this course is designed to empower teachers to transfer their own Language Nutrition skills to families, so they can be their child’s conversational partner. Teachers learn how to turn everyday interactions with families into powerful coaching moments on Language Nutrition. Embedded in this course and developed in partnership with Harvard’s Center for the Developing Child are two lessons on the science of brain development, offering insight into how early experiences shape brain architecture. (Bright from the Start - 3.5 credits). View Course

  • Power of Language - focuses on how teachers can engage in responsive interactions with infants and toddlers, using five elements: tuning in, facial expressions, gestures, touch, and child-directed speech. (Bright from the Start – 2 credits). View Course

  • TALK with Me – centers on how to have meaningful conversations with infants and toddlers using the TALK© Strategy. TALK encourages adults to: Tune-in by observing what the child is doing; Ask open-ended questions; Lift language; and Keep conversations going. This strategy is designed to increase a child’s vocabulary and lay the groundwork for reading comprehension. This course includes two lessons on having meaningful conversations with dual language learners. (Bright from the Start: 2 credits). View Course

  • READ with Me, Parts 1 and Part 2 - using the TIPS strategy (Tune in, Introduce the book, Promote language, and Summarize the book), this course supports teachers in transforming reading books with infants and toddlers into powerful opportunities to have great conversations to promote children’s language development and critical thinking. (Bright from the Start credits – 2.5 and 1.5, respectively). View Course 1  View Course 2

Read Right from the Start on Cox Campus, Preschool/Pre-K Track: 

The Cox Campus offers 18 additional research-based credit hours of preschool and pre-k courses, designed to enhance early learning instructional experiences for preschool children through the use of strategies that promote language and literacy development.

Social Emotional Engagement – Knowledge and Skills (SEE-KS) – a free professional development framework for educators and service providers built around neuroscience-based instructional strategies that increase social engagement during the first years of life. 


Foster Parent Training Materials 

Talk With Me Baby Foster Parent Training Materials

  • Talk With Me Baby: Foster Parent Curriculum (coming soon)
  • Mp4 files for four training videos and one promotional video (coming soon)
    • A Framework for Understanding – addressing trauma, toxic stress, and traumatic separations, introducing language nutrition and the importance of reading proficiency by the end of third grade. (coming soon)
    • The Science Behind Language Nutrition – offering tips on how to deliver language nutrition, including “serve and return” communication and use of “parentese.” (coming soon)
    • Becoming a Talk With Me Baby Foster Parent – providing tips on how to deliver language nutrition by talking, reading, singing and playing. (coming soon)
    • Becoming a Talk With Me Baby Coach – emphasizing the importance of partnership parenting, the role of a TWMB coach, and tips on coaching. (coming soon)
    • An additional video designed specifically for case workers is in development (coming soon)
    • TWMB Foster Parent Training Session Overview (coming soon)
    • Training sequence and fidelity of training/trainer checklist (adapted from nursing trainings for foster parent training) (coming soon)
    • TWMB Foster Parent Post Test (coming soon)
    • TWMB Foster Parent Evaluation (coming soon)
    • Use of Interventions to Improve Caregiver- Child Interaction (coming soon)

Talk With Me Baby is made possible by a grant from the United Way of Atlanta and is a collaborative effort among organizations.