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Leaders in other states across the country have taken note of TWMB and have shown interest in replicating the TWMB model. In response, with technical support from OSTP, and in partnership with the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy, TWMB developed an online toolkit to bring this model to scale. The toolkit makes all of TWMB's curricula, training tools, and marketing and promotional assets readily accessible.



By engaging the trusted professionals who already interact with new and expectant parents, your state can ensure that all parents understand how and why to deliver Language Nutrition.
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Talk With Me Baby prepares trusted professionals to act as Language Nutrition coaches including Nurses, WIC Nutritionists, Social Workers, Foster Parents, Early Learning Educators, and Pediatricians.
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The science is clear – early language exposure sets the foundation for success in school and life. Explore the research behind the Talk With Me Baby workforce engagement approach.
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Engaging Partners

The Talk With Me Baby workforce engagement approach aligns with the goals of a wide range of statewide public and private entities. Learn tips on identifying potential partners in your state.
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Critical Elements

What does it take to “reach the people who reach the people” in promoting Language Nutrition and early brain development? Discover key components of the Talk With Me Baby approach.
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Reaching All Parents

Modeled on the success of the Back to Sleep-SIDS Awareness Campaign, Talk With Me Baby is employing a public action campaign to deliver reinforcing messages to parents and caregivers.
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Learn more about the partners who developed the Talk With Me Baby workforce engagement approach and how they are working together across public and private sectors in Georgia.
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The Talk With Me Baby workforce engagement approach and toolkit is the result of the commitment and investment of a number of public and private partners in Georgia. Learn more about these innovative funding approaches.
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Multimedia Resources and Materials

Check out our library of resources to learn more about Talk with Me Baby and inform others about the initiative. Watch videos, post graphics to social media, download checklists, press releases, and marketing materials.
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Talk With Me Baby is made possible by a grant from the United Way of Atlanta and is a collaborative effort among organizations.