- Shopping -

The grocery store is a perfect time to talk with your baby about foods, colors, and counting. Let’s go! 

The food we need is on that top shelf. I have to stand on my tippy-toes to reach it! Do you see the rice cereal on that shelf? Can you get that can off that shelf? Oh, thank you. You are a great helper.  
The cashier takes our money for the food. The cashier rings up all our food and tells us how much we have to pay.
Okay, let’s get the money from my purse. Look, here is the money we will use to pay for the food. Can you help me count the money? One, two, three... Because I gave the cashier more money than I had to pay, he is giving me back some of the money as change.
We need to pay for this food before we go home. I’m going to pay the cashier using this credit card.
Look, we have these coupons! We don’t have to pay as much money because we have coupons. I will give the cashier our coupons. Can you count how many coupons we have? One, two, three.... Look, this coupon is for your rice cereal....
Let’s go get some milk. We need to go to the cold aisle to get the milk. This aisle is very cold because this is where all the frozen food is. Brrr! The store employee said that we could find cereal in aisle 5. This is the last aisle we need to go to before we head back home.
We have to wait in line for our turn to pay. Can you count how many people are in line in front of us? This line is moving quickly!
Which vegetables should we buy for dinner? Let’s get some crunchy carrots. They are your favorite vegetable. Look at all of the green vegetables—here is a cucumber, lettuce, broccoli, spinach, pepper, celery, etc.
We need to buy fruit. Can you find the bananas? They are long and yellow. Your favorite fruit is apples. What color should we get? Strawberries are a great summer fruit.
This is my list of the food we need to buy. I wrote this list to help me remember what to buy. It looks like we got everything on our list!
We put our food in the shopping cart. What do we need? I will push the shopping cart to make it move. Can you put the bananas in the shopping cart for me?

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