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We've created loads of useful resources for parents, caregivers, nurses, educators and concerned citizens. Browse through 20 conversation starter kits, checkout the developmental milestones, or watch inspiring videos and help spread the word. 

Language nutrition comes in many forms, from purposeful teaching, to silly dance-offs, and many things in between. Browse our collection of videos to see how you can work language nutrition into your life with your baby every day. Have your own? Share it with #talkwithmebaby
Watch Videos
Learn more about how your baby is developing — physically, mentally and emotionally. Find out what you can do to stimulate brain development and look for signs of bonding, smiling, cooing and more. It's so fun to watch little ones grow!
Developmental Milestones
The more you talk, the more your baby learns. But what do you talk about with a baby? Choose a theme below to get key vocabulary and conversation starters to help get you started. Download the app to take this info with you!
Start A Conversation
Language nutrition on-the-go! Download our free app to get weekly lessons, track your baby’s milestones, get talking tips, and share your own experiences talking with your baby.
Leaders in other states across the country have taken note of TWMB and have shown interest in replicating the TWMB model. In partnership with the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy, TWMB developed an online toolkit to bring this model to scale.

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