- Reading -

Encourage a love of literacy by reading with your baby as much as possible and talking about books, stories and reading. Let’s go! 

When I read a book, I turn the pages. What will happen next? Turn the page and we’ll see! This book has 5 pages. Let’s count them together. 1, 2...
Okay, it’s your turn to read a sentence. Do you want to turn the page? What’s going to happen next? Let’s turn the page to find out!
Let’s read two books before bed. Which book do you want to read? Oh, that’s such a good book. You love reading books, don’t you?
These are words. They tell the story. I’m going to read these words to you. There are a lot of words on this page.
The title of this book is _______. I bet this book is about ____(dogs) because of its title.
I see a boy walking. Do you see the _____(lady with the red hat)?
Let’s point to all the animals we see. Can you point to the _____ (blue flower)? What are you pointing at? Oh, you’re pointing at the _____(baby) in the picture.
This story is about (a boy who has a new baby sister). Did you like that story?
Look at that picture! See the ____ in the picture? This book has lots of pictures. What do you see in this picture?
I love to read books because I learn so much. Do you want to read a book? Pick one and I’ll read it to you. Let’s read a book together.

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