- Playtime -

Describe your baby’s toys, ask questions, and respond with lots of loving words to your baby’s choices while playing. Let’s go!

Are you making music? Excellent job! I love that musical sound you are making! Oh, you are quite a musician. Would you like to listen to some music together?
Can you open the book? Good job! The book is open! Open the door to go through. What’s inside this basket? Let’s open it to find out.
The play dough is cold. Does it feel cold to you? The play dough is soft. I can squish it in my hands. This is a rolling pin. This makes your play dough flat like a pancake. Watch me. I am making a ball with my play dough. I’m going to roll it in my hands to make it round.
Can you clap your hands? Like this. Clap! You try. Clap! Good clapping! Yay!
Are you dancing? You’re such a good little dancer. Let’s dance to the music! Good job dancing! Let’s dance together!
Where’s baby? Peek-a-boo! Can you hide behind your hands like this? Peek-a-boo! Do you want me to play peek-a-boo again?
Do you hear that? That’s your rattle. Here, can you shake your rattle? Oh, listen, it makes a sound! Do you want to play with your rattle?
Cars make noise. Beep beep! Vroom, vroom! Uh-oh! Your car bumped/crashed into the wall! Where is your car going today? How many cars do you have?
It’s time for your baby doll to go to sleep! Night night, baby! Is your baby doll hungry? Let’s feed your baby a bottle. Do you think your baby doll is cold? We can wrap her in a blanket so she is warm. What is your doll’s name?
Let’s play with blocks! Can you build your block tower high? If you bump it, the block tower falls down! Do the blocks have letters on them?
That’s your ball. It’s big and round. See your ball roll. Can you roll your ball to me? Does your ball bounce?

Talk With Me Baby is made possible by a grant from the United Way of Atlanta and is a collaborative effort among organizations.