Reinforcing Messages across the Healthcare Workforce

Like nurses, pediatricians have the opportunity to interact with new and expectant parents repeatedly between the third trimester of pregnancy and the the child’s first birthday. There are approximately nine natural touchpoints during this period, providing physicians with the opportunity to reinforce the messages and coaching being delivered by the nurses and medical assistants in their offices. As the field of neuroscience has advanced along with the recognition of the impact of adult-child interactions on early brain development, pediatricians have embraced their role in changing how healthcare providers and communities view the first years of life.

  • Nearly 90 percent of children, from birth through age 5, received at least one preventive care visit in the previous year.
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics has launched an initiative focused on early brain and children development, providing an overview of the science and tips on how pediatricians can better work with families and in the community.
  • Programs such as Reach Out and Read have been engaging pediatricians, nurses and other pediatric medical professionals since 1989 and now have more than 5,500 program sites nationwide.

TWMB has developed materials to be incorporated into the medical school training programs for future pediatricians and is exploring the possibility of developing continuing education courses for physicians who are already in the workforce.


Talk With Me Baby Physician Training Materials

  • TWMB presentation for physicians (coming soon)




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