- Pets -

Pets can be a big part of your baby’s life. Help them learn the words to describe their interactions with animals. Let’s go!

Do you see the fish swimming in the water? What color is he? Let’s give the fish a few flakes of food to eat. Look, he likes it! The fish’s water is dirty. We need to clean it. The fish has a fin and a tail. They help him to swim.
Oh, the cat feels so soft. Feel how soft the dog is. Be gentle when you feel how soft the cat is.
The dog’s fur is very thick. It probably keeps him warm in the winter. Let’s brush the cat’s fur. There is fur everywhere! Let’s clean up some of this fur.
Isn’t the bird pretty? Look at all of the colors on the bird. The bird has lots of feathers. The bird is swinging on a swing. Did you see the bird eat the seed with his beak? Look at the bird’s feet! Can you count how many toes he has?
Look, there is a cat! He is white and orange. Do you want to pet the cat? Oh, did you hear that? The cat purred. You are petting the cat very nicely.
Do you see the dog? His tail is wagging. He must be happy to see you. Do you want to pet the dog? Okay, let’s be gentle with the doggy. Aww, the dog licked you! He must like you. Throw the ball! The dog will get it and bring it back to you.
The fish are hungry. We should feed the fish. I will put a scoop of food in the doggy’s bowl to feed him. Can you help me feed our kitty? I’m going to feed you, and then feed our pets.
Pet the puppy. Be gentle! Pet the kitty’s head. Her ears are soft and furry. Can you pet the dog’s fur? It feels furry.
He is walking his dog on a long leash. Let’s take our dog for a walk. Dogs like to walk to exercise. Let’s walk the dog on the sidewalk.

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