- Our Home -

Your home defines much of your baby’s world, so talk with your baby about your most immediate surroundings. Let’s go!

We will park the car on the driveway. The car is in the driveway. Let’s walk down the driveway to go get the mail.
The attic is above this room. The attic is the top floor of our house. We store things in the attic.
Daddy is watching TV in the den. Do you want to go sit on the couch in the den? Where is Mommy? Let’s see if she is in the den.
Daddy is working in his office. There is a desk, computer, and chair in the office. I’m going to go get some paper from the office.
The car is parked in the garage. I need to open the garage door. I’m going to pull the car out of the garage.
Let’s eat outside today on the porch. Do you want to sit out on the porch? I’ll stand here on the porch and watch you play in the backyard.
Let’s go down to the basement. The basement is the lowest floor in the house. The basement floor is concrete. The basement is colder than upstairs.
I smell something yummy cooking in the kitchen. Let’s go out the kitchen door. Who is in the kitchen? Do you hear daddy’s voice?Let’s go to the kitchen to eat something.
It’s time to take a bath in the bathroom. Brother/sister is going to the bathroom to use the potty. The door is shut. Someone is inside the bathroom now. Let’s go into the bathroom.
It is time to go to sleep in your crib in the bedroom. Night, night. Let’s play with some toys in your bedroom. Are you looking at the pictures on the bedroom wall?
The man is cutting the grass in his yard. There is a sprinkler on in that yard. It is watering the grass. If the dog poops in the yard, we need to pick it up.

Talk With Me Baby is made possible by a grant from the United Way of Atlanta and is a collaborative effort among organizations.