- On the Train -

Travel by train and talk with your baby about your actions, and all the sights and signs you see along the way. Let’s go! 

We are standing on the platform, waiting for the train. The train platform is where we can safely wait to board the train.
We are waiting for the train to come. The train should be here in five minutes. Do you hear that? That’s the sound of the train coming. This is a very long train. Do you see how many cars this train has? Okay, let’s get aboard the train. Wow, we can go very fast on the train. Do you like riding in the train?
The train goes underground, so we need to walk down these stairs to get to it. There are a lot of stairs! Can you count all these stairs? Hold on to my hand while we walk down the stairs.  
Here are our tickets for the train. We need these tickets to be able to get on the train. Look! Here is one ticket for you, and one ticket for me. Do you want to hold your ticket?
Down there are the tracks. They show the train where to go. The tracks are only for the train. We should stay off the tracks to be safe.
The conductor drives the train to our destination. Did you just hear the conductor’s voice? The conductor makes sure the train goes where it’s supposed to go.
Can you hear the sound of the train coming? The doors make a whooshing sound when they open. Did you hear that sound? That was the conductor telling us which stop is next.
Which train car should we sit inside? We are in the third car from the front of the train. How many people are in the car with us? Let’s count them!
We are waiting for the train to come so that we can get on. Wait 5 more minutes and we will be on the train. We have to wait for the train to come to a stop before we hop on.
We sit down in our seats. Look at all of the people sitting. They are waiting for their stop. You can sit next to me on your own seat.

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