- On the Bus -

Bus trips are a great time to talk with your baby about your city, ways to travel, and other people and sights you see. Let’s go!

The bus driver stops the bus to let people off. The bus driver lets people on the bus at each bus stop. This is our bus stop. Hold my hand as we get off.
Do you see all the people? There are lots of people riding the bus today. How many people are wearing a blue shirt, just like you? Can you see the people outside the bus? Look, you can see people inside their cars.
The bus driver drives the bus. Say “hello” to the bus driver as we pass by. Tell the bus driver “thank you” as we get off.
We need a ticket to ride on the bus. One for you, one for me. We have to use money to buy our tickets. Hand your ticket to the driver.
Do you see the sign? This is the sign that tells us to wait here for the bus. The sign has a bus on it!
We are waiting for the bus to arrive. The bus is picking up other people who are also waiting. There are lots of people waiting with us.
We sit down in our seats. Look at all of the people sitting. They are waiting for their stop. You can sit next to me on your own seat.

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