- On a Walk -

Take a walk with your baby and describe your neighborhood, and all the sights and sounds of the outdoors. Let’s go!

I’m pushing you in your stroller. Are you having a fun ride? Look, we are walking up a big hill. I’ll do my best to push you up the hill.
Oh, those clouds look very dark. It might rain soon, so we’re going to walk a little bit faster to get back home. Do you see the clouds? They look so white and fluffy.
Let’s walk on the sidewalk so that we can avoid the cars. The sidewalk is next to the road. Do you see the cracks on the sidewalks? We need to be careful so we don’t trip.
Stay on the curb until all the cars stop. Let’s get up on the curb so that we are out of the cars’ way. Don’t step down off the curb until I say we can.
That car was going very fast. We need to be very careful. Look, did you just see a blue car pass us? Blue is your favorite color.
We are passing by a lot of houses. Do you see them? There is ____(Johnny’s) house. I wonder if he is home. Okay, we are back to our house. That was a good walk.
Did you feel that? We just went over a little bump. This road has lots of bumps.
Do you see the birds flying? They fly so fast. Birds live in nests in the trees. The nests are their homes. The birds have feathers. The feathers help them fly.
Can you feel the wind? It feels cold. See the trees swaying with wind. Do you hear that noise? That’s the wind.
Do you see the flower? Isn’t it pretty? Those flowers are blooming! There are many different colors of flowers (yellow, pink, white, etc.).
The man is cutting the grass in his yard. There is a sprinkler on in that yard. It is watering the grass. If the dog poops in the yard, we need to pick it up.
The sky is blue. Today is a lovely day. The sky is gray. It looks like it might rain. Do you see the clouds in the sky? They are white. Do you see any airplanes in the sky?

Talk With Me Baby is made possible by a grant from the United Way of Atlanta and is a collaborative effort among organizations.