- Meal Time -

Mealtime is an excellent time to talk with your baby and describe foods and sensations they experience. 

That was a big bite! Make sure you chew it all up! Crunch, crunch. That’s the sound you make when you chew your food! Did you chew it? Okay, now swallow! Good job! You chewed that apple very well!
It’s time to eat! What you like to eat some (favorite food)? You like that, don’t you? Let’s try eating some of this.
What is making you upset? Are you hungry? Here, let’s eat this food. Then you won’t be hungry. Are you still hungry? Would you like some more to eat? You must not be hungry! You won’t eat a single thing.
I know you are hungry. Here is your milk. Let me hold you while you drink your milk. Would you like some milk? What is in your bottle? Is it milk?
Which vegetable would you like for dinner tonight? Green beans are vegetables. Green beans are crunchy vegetables. Here, try them! Can you guess what’s inside this vegetable? This vegetable has tiny seeds inside it. Do you see the seeds? Does that vegetable taste good?
An apple is a fruit. I’m going to cut up some fruit for our snack. This fruit is red and crunchy. Would you like for me to peel this fruit for you? Fruits are sweet and delicious.
What would you like to drink in your bottle? Your bottle has been in the refrigerator for a while so it’s chilled. Feel it! Does your bottle make your little hands cold? Would you like for me to warm your bottle up a little under some hot water?
Your juice tastes sweet. Do you like it? I made the juice just for you. See? I just squeezed the oranges like this. Can you squeeze the juice out of this one? Isn’t the juice refreshing? It is so cool.
Would you like some more? Oh yes, you want some more, let me get you some more. Can you eat some more? Here, let’s try to eat two more bites. Do you like that? Do you want more?
Have you had enough to eat? Are you full? You stopped eating. You must be full.
That’s your cup. I’m going to give you something to drink. Can you drink out of your cup? Your drink in your cup is white. Is that milk or juice? You’re right. It’s milk. You have milk in your cup.

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