- In the Car -

Talk with your baby about where you’re going and what you’re seeing and hearing around you in the car!  

You need to sit in the car seat so that you will be safe. Your car seat is in the back seat. Let’s buckle you into your car seat.
We need to buckle our seat belts before we start the car! Do you have your seat belt on? Seat belts help keep us safe in the car. Fasten your seat belt! We are ready to go!
I need directions to know where to go. I can get directions on my GPS/phone. We should stop and ask for directions. I have directions so I know how to get there.
I am driving the speed limit. The speed limit is how fast we are allowed to drive. That car is driving over the speed limit. The speed limit is 40 miles per hour.
Do you see the truck next to us? It is very big. Look out the window! There is a truck!
Look out the window! Do you see the red car? There are lots of cars on the road today. We are driving in a car.
There is a lot of traffic today. Do you see all the traffic? There are lots of cars and trucks. We are stopped in traffic. We can’t go fast because of the traffic. It will take us more time to get home because of the traffic. We left early to avoid some of the traffic.
We need to turn left at the next street. We are on 4th street. The streets are wet because it is raining.
We are low on gas. We need to get more gas. I need to find a gas station. I will pump the gas at the gas station. I just put 10 gallons of gas in the car. We have plenty of gas to get to where we are going. The gas tank is half full. The car needs gas to be able to move.
The car has four wheels. When I drive the car, the wheels on the car go in a circle. Look at that truck! It has 8 wheels! I turn the car using the steering wheel.
The red light means, “stop.” I have to stop the car when it turns red. The green light means, “go.” I can drive the car now. What colors do you see on that light? I see green, now yellow and now red! The lights keep us from letting our cars run into each other. I need to turn my lights on because it is dark outside. Turning my lights on will let other cars see us. Do you see the lights on that car? Those lights were very bright.
Would you like to listen to music? I can turn on music for you. When I press this button, the music will play! Listen! Let’s clap our hands to the music. Let’s listen to the radio. The radio has music.
Vroom! I hear the sound of all the cars driving by. Honk! That’s the horn sound. Listen. What sounds do you hear outside the car? Do you hear the clicking sound? That’s my turn signal.
I need to unlock the door with the car key. I start the car by using a key. I need to find my keys before we can drive in the car.
Look out the window! What do you see out the window? I see cars and trucks. The window is clear! I’m going to roll the window down.

Talk With Me Baby is made possible by a grant from the United Way of Atlanta and is a collaborative effort among organizations.