- Dressing -

You dress and undress your baby many times a day, so take the opportunity to talk with your baby! Let’s go! 

What are these circles on your shirt? Are they buttons? Now that your pants are on, we need to button them! I’m sticking the button through this hole on the other side of the shirt. See? Now the shirt is buttoned.
Oh, look! Two shoes, two socks! Give me your foot, so I can help you put your socks on! Your socks will keep your feet warm.
Let’s put your pants on now! Give me your leg to put in the pants! Ready, 1, 2, 3! Now, the other leg to put on your pants! 1, 2, both legs through! Thank you for helping me put on your pants!
It’s hot today outside! Instead of pants, let’s find some shorts to wear. Lift your bottom so we can pull up your shorts! These shorts stop at your knee.
Do you want to wear a skirt today? This skirt will match your top. Twirl, twirl, twirl around you go! Your skirt is twirling too!
These soft shoes will keep your feet warm when we go outside today. Can you bring mommy your shoes? Let’s put socks on your feet first, then shoes on your feet.
Lift up your arms and I’ll help you put on your dress. This dress has _____ (polka dots). Which dress do you want to wear today?
We put our underwear on first. We wear our underwear under our clothes.
Can you help me zip up your coat? Very good, thank you, you’re such a good helper. We’ve got to zip your pants back up before you can stand up. Do you see this? This is a zipper. It needs to be zipped so your pants don’t fall down.
I’m going to brush your hair before we go outside. Do you see this? This is a hairbrush. Let’s brush our hair together! Can you show me how to brush your hair by yourself?
It’s a hot day today. Let’s put these sandals on. Oh, look! I can see your little toes poking out of your sandals.
Oh, you’re looking at the red shirt! Do you want to wear the red shirt today? Arms up! Let’s put your shirt on! There you go, the shirt is on your body and your arms are through the sleeves.
Let’s get your pajamas on you. Oh, this ____(sailboat) on your pajamas is so cute. There, are your pajamas comfy? Yes, you should be nice and warm with your pajamas on.

Talk With Me Baby is made possible by a grant from the United Way of Atlanta and is a collaborative effort among organizations.