Dr. Kenney Moore


State Schools Director

Georgia Department of Education


"It’s all about LANGUAGE! It’s the cornerstone of building a solid education for children and students and putting them on a trajectory to being college and/or career ready." — Dr. Kenney Moore


Individual role in shaping TWMB on the Leadership Team

I am privileged to serve on the Talk With Me Baby’s (TWMB) Leadership Team. With my experience in working with students with sensory impairments, specifically visual and hearing impairments, I use my knowledge of those unique populations of children and students to add to the meaningfulness and practical applications of TWMB. Language acquisition has long been an issue in the fields of Deaf and Blind education. TWMB’s focus on language nutrition will without a doubt help students with sensory impairments expand and build upon their language which will ultimately lead to academic and life success. 


Organization’s role in shaping TWMB 

The Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) understands that language nutrition and the work being done by TWMB is groundbreaking. With literacy being a primary strategic goal of the GaDOE, the agency offers any support it can to advance the work of TWMB. The GaDOE understands that the current target population of TWMB will be school age children within a few years. The GaDOE’s support of TWMB will ensure that children are reading proficiently by 3rd grade.

Talk With Me Baby is made possible by a grant from the United Way of Atlanta and is a collaborative effort among organizations.