- Cooking -

Talk with your baby about food, meals, utensils, recipes and eating rituals while you prepare and cook this week. Let’s go! 

Let’s use this pan to cook the vegetables. I need to spray the pan so that the food doesn’t get stuck to it.
I’m going to warm up the soup in this pot. Here, do you want to make some music with this pot and spoon? Watch me (clang, clang). Now it’s your turn!
I need a can of beans to make dinner. I have to use a can opener to get the can open. The can opener is in the drawer. The top of the can is the shape of a circle. Circles are round.
The popsicles are in the freezer. The freezer is where we keep all of our coldest food. Do you want some ice in your water? There is some in the freezer. I will go get you some.
Do you want to help me bake? I’m going to bake some cookies. I need to preheat the oven before we can bake. This needs to bake for 30 minutes.
To cook this food, we need to first boil the water. It hasn’t started boiling yet. There are a few bubbles so it should be soon! Do you see all the bubbles in the water? That means that we are ready to put the _____(pasta) in the pot to boil.
Let’s put our dirty dishes inside the dishwasher. The dishwasher cleans dishes. Listen, the dishwasher makes a noise while it washes.
First, put the plates on the table. We need to give each person at the table a plate. Now, let’s put a napkin on the table by each person’s plate. Here are some eating utensils to give to each person at the table.
Look, our spoons and forks are in the drawer. I can open the drawer and see them! When I close the drawer, we can't see them anymore.
I’m opening the cupboard. I’m taking out a dish from the cupboard.
We can wash dishes in the sink. We can wash our hands in the sink. All the dirty dishes are in the sink.
The refrigerator keeps our food cold. Look, our milk is in the cold refrigerator!
I’m putting the pot on the stove. It is very hot! Don’t touch! The stove will cook the food. I’m cooking the vegetables on the stove.
The pie cooks in the oven. I turned it on. It is very hot. Don’t touch! Hot! The food is in the oven now. We have to wait for it to cook.
Do you want me to put some applesauce in your bowl? Let’s mix these two ingredients together in the bowl. You ate everything in your bowl! You must have been very hungry.
Do you want to help me stir the flour and the sugar together? We can use the electric mixer to help us stir these ingredients together. I need to stir the soup on the stove.
First we put the food inside the microwave and close the door. Help me press the numbers to set the time on the microwave. Do you hear the sounds the microwave makes? Beep, beep, beep!(Beep) That means our food is all warmed up. We can open the microwave now. We can put the food in the microwave to warm it up.
I make toast in the toaster. I think I’ll put the bread in the toaster now to make toast. The toaster will cook it for us. POP! Did you hear that? The toaster is done making toast!
We cook with utensils. Spatulas, spoons, and tongs are cooking utensils. Do you see this spatula? I’ll use this utensil to flip this pancake. The tong utensil can be used to put salad in a bowl. I am stirring the soup with a spoon. A spoon is a utensil.
We can cook food using the stove or the oven. We keep food in the pantry or the refrigerator. Food that needs to be kept cold is kept in the refrigerator or freezer. Are you hungry? We should eat some food.

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