- Changing -

Talk with your baby during the daily activity of changing, pointing out body parts and explaining your actions. Let’s go! 

Now you are not wet anymore, you are dry! It feels good to have a dry diaper.
We have to wipe your bottom before we put a new diaper on. These are your wipes. They are wet.
Lotion makes our skin soft. Let’s put this lotion on your bottom before we put your diaper back on.
Oh, I can smell your diaper. I think you went poopy. Yes, there is a poop in your diaper. Let’s go change your poopy diaper.
There, we are all set. Do you feel better? I bet you feel better with a clean diaper.
Is your diaper wet? Did you go pee-pee in your diaper? You have a wet diaper. Let’s take this wet diaper off of you.
I’m putting a clean diaper on you. All clean! I bet it feels good to have a clean diaper.
Your diaper is very stinky. Let’s go change your diaper. You are not stinky anymore now that you have a new diaper on!
I think you might have a dirty diaper. I smell something! Oh, yes, I was right, you have a dirty diaper. Let’s get this dirty diaper off of you. I’m throwing away your dirty diaper.
Do you need a new diaper? Is your diaper clean? Is your diaper dirty? I am going to take off your dirty diaper and put on a clean diaper.

Talk With Me Baby is made possible by a grant from the United Way of Atlanta and is a collaborative effort among organizations.