- Bedtime -

Help your baby learn about rest times by providing lots of loving words about jammies, lights off, and being sleepy. Let’s go!

Let me turn on this night-light so it won’t be completely dark. There, your night-light is on. See, you can see a little with the night-light.
Let me hold you and rock you to sleep. You like to be rocked, don’t you? Rock a bye baby, on the treetops.
You seem a little cranky. I think you need a nap. Let’s get you ready to take a nap. I’ll see you in about an hour after you wake up from your nap. How was your nap, sweet one? You had a very long nap.
Let’s get your pajamas on you. Oh, this ____(sailboat) on your pajamas is so cute. There, are your pajamas comfy? Yes, you should be nice and warm with your pajamas on.
Let’s read a bedtime story together. Which story would you like to read? That was a good story. I love to read stories with you.
Shhh, quiet. Let’s go to sleep, little one. The room is very quiet.
Have a good night’s sleep. Let’s go to sleep. Time for you to sleep. You need to get some sleep. Okay, I’m going to lay you on your back to sleep.
Where is your teddy bear? Here, do you want to hug your teddy bear? Your teddy bear is soft. Feel how soft he is.
Rest your head on your pillow. Oh, this pillow is nice and soft. Feel how soft your pillow is.
Have a good night! Good night, my baby girl/boy. Let me kiss you good night. Sweet dreams, good night.
I can sing you a song before you take your nap. You can sing with me. What song do you want to sing? Twinkle, Twinkle?
I will put you in your crib. That is where you sleep. Are you all ready to take a nap? I will lay you down in your crib now. Is your crib comfy?
Are you cold? Do you need your blanket? Here, let me tuck you in with your blanket. You have a blue blanket.
Do you see your mobile? Look at the animals going round and round. The mobile is playing a song. Can you hear it?
You are tired. It is time for your nap. Are you getting tired? Let’s take a rest together. I am tired too. Time for a nap?

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