- BathTime -

Bathtime is a great time to talk with your baby about washing rituals, name body parts, and sing songs!

We need to clean your body. You are so clean now! Let’s take a bath so that you can be clean.
Let’s rinse all the shampoo out of your hair! I’m rinsing your hair so that no more bubbles are in your hair! Let’s rinse all the bubbles off of you!
Let’s wash your hair! Let’s suds it up! Okay, let’s wash your back with soap now! Can you help me wash your arms?
Do you want to play with your bath toys? Look at this toy! What does this toy do? Can you squeeze this toy? Look! It squirts water!
Let’s sit down in the tub. The tub is full of water. You are sitting in the tub!
I’m going to put shampoo in your hair. You have lots of shampoo in your hair. I’m going to rinse the shampoo out of your hair.
Splashing can make things wet. You’re splashing right now! Splash! Are you splashing the water? Listen to how it sounds when you splash...
You are all wet! We need to use a towel because you are wet! The water makes you wet.
The soap makes lots of bubbles. The bubbles are usually round. What else is round? Bubbles stick together. Let’s “POP” some of our bubbles. Blow on your hand. Watch how the bubbles fly! Your bubbles are floating in the air! Grab them. Do you see all the bubbles?
Towels are soft. Do you feel that? We use our towels for drying things off. When you get out of your bath, I’ll use a towel to dry you off. Now let’s get you wrapped up in this towel so you get dry quickly.
Are you splashing the water? Let’s make sure the water isn’t too hot or too cold. I’m going to pour the water over you. How does the water feel? Do you like being in the water? Let’s sit down in the water!
You are very dirty. You need to take a bath. Let’s take a bath so that you can be clean! Isn’t it fun to take a bath? You can play with your toys when you take a bath.
The soap makes lots of bubbles. Let’s put soap on you to get you clean! Do you see all the soap? Look at this bar of soap. It is white and slippery.

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