- At The Park -

Head to the park and talk with your baby about the wonders of the outside world around them.  

Okay, I’ve got to put you in the stroller before we can take a walk. How’s that? Is the stroller comfortable? All right, here we go! I’m going to push you in your stroller.
Taking a walk at the park is so much fun! Do you want to go for a walk at the park today? There are swings and slides at the park. It’s such a nice day to be at the park.
Let’s have a picnic at the park today. We have our picnic basket and our food. Do you want to sit on the blanket for the picnic? We can sit at the picnic table.
Do you feel that nice breeze on your face? Doesn’t it feel good? Wow, it’s very breezy today! We better make sure we hold onto our hats! Listen! Do you hear the trees rustling in the breeze?
Look at that squirrel’s bushy tail! Do you see the squirrel? Let’s watch him run up that tree! Look! There’s a squirrel. He is brown. Is he holding an acorn?
There are a lot of runners here today. They are running! Watch out for the runner coming through! Stay to the right side of the path. Wow! That runner was running very fast.
There are many kids in the park today. Do you want to play with them? Look at those kids playing baseball. I wonder if they are part of a baseball team.
Do you want to go play with the kids on the playground? Look at the playground! There is a swing set and lots of slides! Did you have fun on the playground?
There are lots of trees at the park. What color leaves do the trees have? Do you see how the leaves on the tree sway as the wind blow?
Let’s go down the slide! Whee! I’ll catch you at the bottom of the slide!
What is the weather like today? The weather is so nice, not too hot, not too cold. Do you see all the clouds in the sky? The weather might change soon.
Look at the ducks! They are swimming in the lake. Do you see the ducks with different color heads? That duck has a gray head and that duck has a green head. Those kids are feeding bread to the ducks. I bet the ducks are hungry. Do you see that duck walking? Ducks can walk and swim. Look at the duck’s foot! It looks different than yours because it is webbed. What color is the duck’s beak? Yes, it is orange!
Look at the lake! The lake has blue water in it. Do you see the fountain in the lake? Let’s put our feet in the lake! We need to take our shoes and socks off first. Do you see the boats in the lake? That boat over there is a canoe. I wonder if there are any fish or turtles in the lake. Do you see any fish or turtles swimming in the lake?
I see a brown dog. Do you see him too? Isn’t the dog so cute? Look at his long floppy ears. The dog’s fur is so soft. Feel it. Look at the dog! He is running.
Would you like to swing? How high can you swing? I can push you on the swing. Push, push, push!
Let’s run and play on the swing set. Ready, set, go! Would you like to play on the playground? Look at those kids playing! They look like they are having a lot of fun.

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