- At The Beach -

The beach is full of new and exciting senses for your baby. Observe your baby and respond to their lead.

You really like the beach, don’t you? We can swim and build sandcastles at the beach.
Look at this pretty seashell! Let’s try to find seashells along the beach. Did you find a shell? Oh wow! That is a beautiful shell.
Let’s fill your bucket up with water! Do you want to put sand in your bucket to build a sandcastle? Let’s flip the bucket over to dump out the sand!
Fill your bucket with sand using your shovel! You are doing a great job of digging in the sand with your shovel.
I wonder how deep the ocean is. There are many animals in the ocean: fish, sharks, octopus, dolphins, whales, etc. There are so many waves in the ocean. The water in the ocean is very salty. Do you want to go play in the ocean? Wow! You looked like you had so much fun playing in the ocean.
Let’s put up our umbrella to shade us from the sun. The umbrella can make a shadow on the ground. It feels nice and cool under this umbrella, but it is sunny and hot out in the sun.
Let’s go for a swim in the ocean. Do you see any fish swimming in the ocean? You need to kick your feet and move your arms to swim!
We need to get your swimsuit on you before we can go to the beach. We can go swim in the ocean now that we are wearing our swimsuits. I love the polka dots on your swimsuit!
Do you hear the waves crashing against the sand? The top of the waves are white. Wow! Those are some big waves. Do you see the people trying to surf on the waves? Let’s try to jump over these waves.
Look! Do you see the sailboat out in the ocean? Sailboats use wind to move through the water. The sails on that sailboat are blue.
It is hot and sunny at the beach. We need to drink water to stay cool when it’s hot. Hot is the opposite of cold.
I brought a chair to sit on the sand. My chair is close to the ground. Would you like to sit in my chair with me?
We can build a sandcastle using sand. Let’s get our shovel and bucket to build a sandcastle. Let’s go! Sandcastles can be small or really big.
Sunscreen helps protect our skin from the sun. The sunscreen can make our skin feel slippery. Sunscreen is for your body, including your face. Let me rub some sunscreen on your arms!
It is so bright and sunny outside I need to wear my sunglasses. My sunglasses protect my eyes. The sunglasses are dark so you can’t see my eyes very well.
Let’s take your shoes off so you can feel the sand in your toes. Isn’t that fun? The sand is cool between your toes isn’t it? Feel the sand in your hand. It is made of lots of tiny pieces of rock. The sand can be sticky. Brush your hands together to get it off.
The soap makes lots of bubbles. The bubbles are usually round. What else is round? Bubbles stick together. Let’s “POP” some of our bubbles. Blow on your hand. Watch how the bubbles fly! Your bubbles are floating in the air! Grab them. Do you see all the bubbles?
Are you splashing the water? Let’s make sure the water isn’t too hot or too cold. I’m going to pour the water over you. How does the water feel? Do you like being in the water? Let’s sit down in the water!

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